Student Canteens - cafeterias Operation and Control Directive
Article 1: The purpose of this directive, the units connected to the University students and staff Sirnak nutrition, recreation and other activities in order to meet social needs, such as the canteen and cafeteria supervision to identify the principles and operation of places.

Article 2: This directive is to provide services to students and staff of the units connected to the University of Sirnak operated canteens, cafeterias, etc. places such as the operation and covers the principles and procedures related to controls.

Article 3: With Articles 46 and 47 of Article 2547 of the Law of Higher Education Institutions of Higher Education Medico-Social, Health, Culture and Sports Affairs Department prepared in accordance with the provisions of Code of Practice.


Article 4: In this directive;

a) Rector: The Rector of the University of Sirnak
b) Board of Directors: Board of Directors of the University
c) The Executive Committee: Vice-Chancellor appointed by the President in the Presidency, Secretary General, Head of the Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs, Health, Culture and Sports Department Head and in the canteen within the two faculties / schools secretary of the Canteen / Cafeteria Operations Executive Board,
d) The Chairman: Chairman of Department of Health, Culture and Sport
d) Unit Canteen Committee: its structure in the canteen business faculties / schools and other units, and related business operations kantinle created to carry out the board at least three members,
e) Audit Committee: appointed by the Department of Health, Culture and Sport headed by a branch manager or social worker, doctor, medical technician employed by the Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs committee which is established a branch manager, and dieticians,
f) Price-Fixing Committee: three faculty members appointed by the presidency and appointed by the Department of Health, Culture and Sport with a branch manager or social worker appointed by the Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs is a branch manager and the school board created by the student council president or vice president,
g) Canteen and Cafeteria: Sirnak University students and staff and units within the nutrition, recreation and created to meet the social needs of other businesses, refers.

Board of Directors
Article 5: The University Executive Board. Operation of canteens and cafeterias in units affiliated to the university opened, and takes control of the resolutions related to. The Executive Board shall decide on the proposed topics.
Executive Board
Article 6 (1) Canteen Operations Executive Board of the Faculty / School Secretaries of the two-year term of office has expired tasks mandated by the same procedure again. If time runs vacancy shall be appointed a new member to complete the remaining term.
(2) Canteen Operations Executive Board has the following duties;
a) determine the principles of student canteens and cafés and the Board to present the operating and control,
b) Price-Fixing price lists prepared by the Commission to provide consultation to the approval of the Board of Directors, the same quality products ensure that all students and to track the sale of canteen and cafeteria at the same price,
c) assessing the reports prepared as a result of audits conducted by the Supervisory Board, to take the necessary measures and make recommendations to the board of the unit canteen,
d) As a result of the audits that do not comply with the provisions of this directive and procurement contract to trade on canteens and cafeterias,

Department of Health, Culture and Sport
Article 7 In the units affiliated to the university canteen and cafeterias, according to the provisions of this directive is followed by operation and controls. Coordination between the competent bodies and the governing body shall act as the entities, provides the necessary communication. Legislation is required pursuant to the secretariat services, correspondence makes
Unit Canteen Board
Article 8: (1) The term of office of the Board of Canteen Unit is determined by the management unit.
(2) Unit Canteen Committee has the following duties.
a) the unit canteen and cafeteria, and ensure the functioning in accordance with the instruction to follow the principles
b) Price-Fixing Commission prepared and approved by the Executive Board price lists are complied / complying supervise ensure compliance with Executive Board action in the case have not been adhered to offer
c) Canteen / cafeteria Price Fixing prices of different products offered for sale by selecting the lists prepared by the Commission, the Price-Fixing and approval of the Executive Board after the Commission's compliance and ensure compliance with these prices
d) Canteen / cafeteria to take measures to improve the quality of the service, to make proposals to the Executive Board on best practices,
d) Canteen / cafeteria staff costume / outfit and pay attention to the general rules of hygiene and health controls (jaundice test, porter examination, lung, graphic, etc.) to control the conduct and
e) Canteen / cafeteria spaces clean with the tools and machines used and / kullanılmadıklarını in control, take necessary measures,
f) the expiration of products put on sale, to control time, duration, weighing on sales to men,
g) as a result of audits conducted by the audit team the need to ensure reports are prepared.

Supervisory Board
Article 9 (1) President's authority to consent is established within the Department of Health, Culture and Sports Affairs. The term of office for two years, again with the same procedure employed in the task expired. Time to complete the remaining time before the membership shall elect a new member is assigned.

(2) Audit Committee has the following duties;
a) in units of the university canteen and cafeterias, food preparation, service, presentation, storage spaces are used with the tools, machines, materials to make checks on the general cleanliness and hygiene,
b) products sold in canteen and cafeterias life of perishable foods are not suitable for consumption or sale, the last to be men, to warn and inform the competent bodies in this regard,
c) Employee elements, costume / outfit and pay attention to the general rules of hygiene and health controls (porter examination test for jaundice, lung, graphic, etc.) to conduct and follow-up,
d) To make recommendations on quality improvement of canteen and cafeteria services,
d) Price-Fixing Commission to check compliance with price lists are prepared and approved by the Executive Council, to ensure the observance, if not been adhered to, the operation to be done to inform the competent organs,
e) canteens and cafeterias in accordance with the principles set forth in this directive to check at least three times a year, audit reports and recommendations to inform the competent committees.
Commission on Price-Fixing
Article 10: (1) Price-Fixing Commission's term of office is two years. Vacancy before the time expires if the new member shall be appointed to complete the remaining term.Members employed in the same way again.
(2) Price-Fixing the Commission's tasks are as follows;
a) at the beginning of each academic year (September or October) and in the middle (in January or February) met to determine prices of commodities are put on sale in the canteen and cafeterias, and the executive board to approve the offer,
b) different products sold in canteen and cafeterias, and compliance unit to investigate the canteen prices determined by the rules.

Canteen / Cafeteria

Article 11: Principles listed below regarding the operation of canteens and cafeterias;
a) consume, the products prepared by the Ministry of Health and Welfare "in Article Food and Public Health Special Characteristics of Material and Equipment concerning the" Regulation shall be in accordance with the provisions.
b) food preparation, presentation and storage of the service related to the general health, hygiene and cleaning rules will be followed,
c) The pricing of the products offered for sale to be complied with the provisions of this directive, the price shall not apply to the competent bodies of those who were identified,
d) The authorized bodies of the approved price list is prepared and will be hung in a place that can be seen,
d) Packing list kullanıldığının non-food products which the company will be hanged,
e) removing President's Authority is subject to approval Canteen and cafeteria food,
f) Private enterprises, electricity and water and so on. separating counters, use their own pay,
g) canteens and cafeterias composition, layout and general health and cleanliness will be provided with cleaning staff,
i) canteen and cafeterias for reasons other than as deemed appropriate, and shall not be closed without permission,
h) Canteen and cafeteria kept and sold alcoholic beverages, alcoholic employees may not condition
i) Canteen and cafeteria substances represented as drugs or exhilarating, sold and used, and played unplayable gambling, public morality, etc. to students. could see the damage the media on issues guaranteed.
i) no one outside the canteen and cafeterias bulundurulmaz employees and business relationships,
j) The canteen and cafeterias, the nation's unity, the indivisibility of state, his country, the Republic and the Principles of Ataturk's Principles and Revolutions are usually not for the divisive and ideological activities, be made to not create environments,
k) Canteens and cafeterias prohibited the publication kept, sold, music, etc. unauthenticated Turkey Radio and Television organization. publications can be made,
l) starts to run, the identity of hiring additional personnel, and health information with CV will allow the unit canteen committee,
m), employee dressed uniform clothes, photos, and will be equipped with an approved identification card,
n) The operator shall not operate a canteen and the cafeteria on another job,
o) Canteen and cafeteria supervision and controls businesses, to improve the quality of service expected of, and must satisfy to comply with the recommendations.
ö) Canteen and cafeteria operators, together with the provisions of this directive must comply with the provisions of the tender contract.


Article 12: This Directive shall enter into force on the date of acceptance of the University Senate.
Article 13: This directive shall be executed by the Rector of the University of Sirnak.



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