(Official Gazette Date: 03/02/1984 Number of Official Gazette: 18 301) Part 1
Establishment, Scope and Definitions
Establishment and Scope
Article 1 This Regulation amended with the Law No. 2880 Law No. 46 of 2547 and 47universities to be established pursuant to the Medico-Social, Health, Culture and Sports Affairs Office organization, management, work, covers general provisions on the duties and responsibilities of officials.
Article 2 Department of Medico-Social Cultural and Sports Affairs, universities, a health care provider provides services for the entire sector, students' social, cultural, counseling and guidance and a service unit that meets the needs of sport and also practice and research in this area in order to support the education to the Department an application is made .
Article 3 In this Regulation:
a) University Medico-Social Health, Culture and Sports Affairs Department "Apartment",
b) to all students of the university employees, retirees and family members of employees 'dependents' of the circle given the Service Sector ",
c) The University, Higher Education Personnel staff in accordance with the Law of Civil Servants "university employees",
d) University hospitals and other public health organizations "related health care institutions" of
eder.BÖLÜM 2 expression
Purpose and HizmetlerAmaç
Article 4 Purpose of this Regulation to protect students' physical and mental health, or have them treat the sick, housing, nutrition, work, recreation and leisure interests based, allowing you to gain new interests, and social status of both health and healing, talents and offer services that will enable the development of personality in a healthy manner and to train them as individuals who take care of mental and physical health, with regular and disciplined study habits, to give rest and recreation.
Apartment for health services, university employees and retirees and their dependents will take advantage of family members. Department, university employees, "Flat Medicine" makes the task.
Flat, but also the realization of this goal oriented research and research training in a company which makes the application.
Article 5 Flat, in proportion to the budgetary means to carry out the purpose of basic and other services as shown below does:
a) shall be executed by all kinds of health services, inpatient health care centers open,
b) studies and demonstrations in the fields of fine arts and sports, regulates
c) scholarships and loans, food, shelter, work, recreation and leisure time, will help provide transportation and employment areas,
d) makes psychological counseling and guidance services, the students will try to resolve personal and family problems,
e) make or do research and practice issues within the service area and have his publications,
f) Service to ensure that professional staff in-service training programs and development of habitat,
g) A student who needed to be seen all these services, restaurants, canteens and reading rooms with open dormitories, meeting, film and theater halls, sports halls and grounds, provides camping sites, and other similar facilities that builds, rents, operates, or işlettirir. For this purpose, the university works in collaboration with other departments and institutions other than universities, businesses revolving kurar.BÖLÜM III
Organization and GörevleriOrganlar
Article 6 Organs of the circle;
a) Condominium Board of Directors
b) Head of Department,
c) the Deputy Head of Department.
Board of Directors
Article 7 Department Board of Directors;
a) an appointed vice-rector of the Rector,
b) Head of Department,
c) Flat serve as vice presidents.
Vice Chairman of the circle.
Duties of the Board of Department
ARTICLE 8 Department Board of Directors;
a) examining the budget bill revolving circle, and added, together with the President offers proposals.
b) reviewing the annual work program of the apartment, offers suggestions with the President.
c) consider proposals brought about the division of labor offers suggestions in conjunction with the Rector.
d) Ordinance, amendments to be made, in consultation with the President gives the reasons.
e) apartment in need of staff, vehicles and equipment makes recommendations to the President on other issues concerning the activity areas.
f) Chamber to take a position on things related to the services referred to by the President.
Head of Department and Responsibilities
ARTICLE 9 Head of the university taking the opinion of the board of directors is appointed by the President. One of the vice president shall act in the President's absence.
a) The Chairman, the apartment manager and representative. All staff working in the apartment over the general management, supervision, making the division of labor, study design, installation, training, has the authority to provide in-service training. The powers of the Board of Directors and responsible to the President pursuant to the provisions of general management principles, uses and regulation.
b) accrued expenses related to the Apartment officers.
c) the annual value-added apartment and working capital budget and prepares a draft work program, offers a flat board.
d) persons appointed apartment by selecting the relevant laws and regulations in accordance with the President through the Secretary-General recommends that the appointment be made.
e) What services is the proper apartment to notify all students taking advantage of the tools, provides these services to benefit the student as possible.
Chairman of Department, served as vice president may be appointed to help.
ARTICLE 10 The main services carried out the apartment are as follows:
a) Health Services,
b) Counseling and Guidance Services,
c) Social Services,
d) Cultural Services,
e) Sports Services.
Health Services
ARTICLE 11 Physical and mental health services for students to carry out the apartment are the following services:
a) to all students of the university employees, retirees and dependents of employees of health for individuals to edit the plug,
b) all the students of the university as a mandatory health check once a year according to the opportunities to spend, and determined to handle the plug of the findings of health,
c) Students are required when applying protective vaccines,
d) students, other staff members worked at the university to protect their health, to educate and organize conferences to improve their knowledge on this subject, and if necessary, to show the films to distribute brochures,
e) The examination of students with other staff to make outpatient treatment,
f) provide in the treatment of patients who need to review and, by sending relevant health institutions to make all kinds of laboratory tests and radiological studies or have
g) Students, staff physicians determined the budget within the means of drugs, eyeglasses, orthopedic devices, and so on. ensure that the needs,
h) the costs of treatment MINISTRY Students funded by the Retirement Fund and Social Insurance Institution, the costs of these expenses, eyeglasses and orthopedic tools to ensure payment of the apartment by the institutions in question,
ARTICLE 12 Apartment on the university to apply for workers' health and health care report cards, they are connected to the required delivery documents are organized institutions.
Article 13 Cases of Emergency, except during working hours on the circle, circle, circle, examination and treatments that serves no one walks in the university hospitals doctors or other formal health facilities shall not be carried without a transfer.
Psychological Counseling and Guidance Services
ARTICLE 14 Psychological Counseling and Guidance Services as students face the emotional, social, educational, or professional and business counseling and guidance on the selection of them in solving problems and makes it executes the following services to achieve the objective of:
a) New students entering the university, introductory and explanatory information about the environment close to the rules and give the student and the university become more accustomed to the environment,
b) identify and solve problems for students to collaborate with relevant organizations,
c) The department wants to change their location and recognize the students' own interests and abilities to help make the appropriate selections,
d) provide information regarding the profession and their students will have future opportunities to inform the surrounding business. Special public institutions, in cooperation with, and to help graduates find work within the means of graduates are placed in a position to monitor
e) students who have emotional problems, according to the demands and needs to make an individual or group counseling. The individual to take important decisions, to recognize him better, to help establish relationships with people around him more effective,
f) the transfer of students and making the necessary preliminary vak'alarda authorities to enforce them psychological tests. According to the results of the evaluation, students submit the relevant service unit.
Social Services
ARTICLE 15 The apartment, Social Services carried out the following services:
a) student housing, nutrition, such as scholarships and loans to provide the necessary services to meet basic needs, in collaboration with organizations that offer these services to ensure better service canteens and cafés and international effort to provide the best possible service,
b) with various issues by opening a book and periodical reading rooms containing, according to students' interests to acquire knowledge, to help them gain new interests and to encourage leisure reading assessments,
c) Students and employees for semester and summer holidays, camping sites, recreational facilities, or to establish or provide service has an agreement with organizations active in this regard.
d) appearing in the transportation services to ensure that students and employees or organizations operating in this matter by agreement, to ensure the best service,
e) The employees at the university preschool and school-age care and education to help their children during working hours, day care, housing and other units in cooperation with relevant organizations to establish and service in this regard to ensure the best visibility.
Cultural Services
ARTICLE 16 The apartment according to students' interests in leisure, cultural services, along with new areas of interest to acquire the habit of providing recreation and entertainment, to monitor activities related to the fine arts, if they wish to participate in these activities are carried out in order to provide services as shown below:
a) open the image and photo exhibitions, concerts, conferences, theater and organize similar activities in the fields of arts and culture organizations in cooperation with activities of this kind, and for this purpose, ensure that students benefit from more extensive arts and cultural activities,
b) the interests and abilities of students based on their free time to do work of art and culture, painting, photography, crafts, folk dances, classical dance, music and other courses in the areas of activity, working groups, to create choirs, both inside and outside the university concert band and choirs , demonstrations, exhibitions and are operating as meeting or to participate in the matches.
Sports Facilities
ARTICLE 17 The apartment of sports services to protect and improve the health of the body of staff and students, give them discipline, study habits, interest in sport to hear their energies to direct this positive direction, they are interested in sport for leisure activities are carried out to provide the following services:
a) Group work and organize competitions, sporting associations to establish
b) For these purposes, which was established in cooperation with overseas and domestic institutions, promote studies in this area, to represent the university students to participate in competitions and matches.
c) Universities in all of sports, facilities and materials, the use of one hand, a center staff to manage studies and provide a structured way.
ARTICLE 18 Apartment above mentioned, health care, psychological counseling and guidance, social, cultural and sports services to carry out a sufficient number of specialists and general dentists, hospitals, pharmacists, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, consultant psychologist, social worker, child development specialist, dietician, nurse , laboratory technicians, experts, officials and other servants görevlendirilir.BÖLÜM IV

ARTICLE 19 Higher Education Law No. 2547 65 issued pursuant to this Regulation enters into force on the date of publication.
ARTICLE 20 The provisions of this Regulation, shall be executed by Chairman of the Board of Higher Education.



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