Article 1 - The purpose of this Regulation the branches of medical students' physical and mental health preventive and curative conservation, examination and treatment procedures and to set forth on the provision of psychological counseling services.

Article 2 - This Regulation Budget Laws, "Treatment of Students in Higher Education" with the relevant articles of the 2547 Higher Education Act in different 47 the (a) and (c) is based on paragraph.

Article 3 - Şırnak University undergraduate, graduate and post graduate programs, registered with his family and himself in any social security institution (Pension Fund, Social Insurance Institution, Bag-Kur, etc.) not connected to the students, within the scope of this Regulation; students' spouses, children, mothers and fathers, are outside the scope of this Regulation. Family that is connected to any social security institution, but students who have attained the age of 25 are in the scope of this Regulation.

Students Excluded
Article 4 - Students who have the opportunity to make any social security organizations are outside the scope of financial provisions of this Regulation. Medico-Social Center, inspections shall be made of these students, reports and prescriptions are written, but the drug and hospital expenses are paid. However, the University commissioned the students inside and outside the sporting and cultural activities, events will occur in all kinds of diseases, injuries and injuries due to treatment and medication costs required social security budget will be paid regardless of whether the Student Social Services department chairperson.

Article 5 - In this Regulation: a) Student: Sirnak University faculties, institutes and colleges and the students enrolled in vocational high schools, b) Medico-Social Center: Sirnak University of Health, Medico-Social Center, affiliated with the Department of Culture and Sports Department, c ) University Board of Directors: Board of Directors of the University of Sirnak, d) Health, Culture and Sports Department: Şırnak University of Health, Culture and Sports Affairs Directorate, d) Faculties, Institutes, Schools and Vocational School at the University of Sirnak faculties, institutes, colleges and vocational schools, e) the Social Security Agency: Social Security (Pension Fund, Social Security and BAGKUR) refers to organizations.

How to Apply
Article 6 - The University of Sirnak registered and non-students have the opportunity to benefit from the foundation of any social security, health issues related to the başvuracakları the first place, they are connected to the unit Chief of Student Affairs, the Health, Culture and Sports Department liaison with the offices. Medico-Social Center of examinations made of these students, if necessary by the person authorized for shipment, the city / town center will be referred to other public health organizations.Student Health Record can show the student ID card when applying for each financial year determined by the Council for Higher Education of the University Board on the basis of examination and treatment fees will have to deposit the cost of the treatment. Which violate the above procedures of examination / treatment costs will be paid and the rest of the reports will be void.

Application to Other Health Institutions
Article 7 - Students, Student Affairs units are connected to emergency situations and during holidays Şefliği'nden or Health, Culture, Sports chairmanship of the Department without referral, Sirnak province / district in the center can apply for an official health agencies. In this case lies in the student health facility, or within four business days following the first day they are connected to the treatment units Şefliği'nden Student Affairs or Health, Culture, Sports chairmanship of the Department, the university is outside the city where, if it is a local institution of higher education, or medical staff to local government will request an committal. Formal referral hospital receiving treatment at the end of the institution where the study gives a report and documents. This requires the institution to pay to send the documents to the Department of Health, Culture and Sport. Control and the validity of prescriptions due to the Department and approved by the Directorate of Health Services Branch.

Validation Report and recipes
Article 8 - Students sayılmamasında student has received reports of illness and / or granting the right to test in order to be valid as an excuse, such report must be received at a university or state hospital. Edilmez.Öğrenciler private physicians and their institutions accept reports of disease reports, at the latest within 5 days from the issue date, the Student Affairs Office of the Higher Education Authority are obliged to deliver a petition to annex.

Financial Provisions (Medical and Hospital Expenses)
Article 9 - Regulation under Article 3.ncü medical expenses of students, under the provisions of relevant legislation and the budget possibilities karşılanır.Sağlık students to freeze except for reasons of record, suspension of registration made during the examination and treatment, medical treatment expenses are paid. Furthermore, the treatment goal, and carry the costs of prescriptions of preparations for the treatment of hospitalized patients for aesthetic surgery consumables and paid. Orthotics, Prosthetics and glasses prescriptions, student health report card after they are printed, Health, Culture and Sports Office of the places determined by the rate of supply edilir.İlaç costs that must be met by the students, "the State Employee Assistance Treatment and Funeral Expenses Regulations" issued each year due to "Budget Application Instructions"not exceeding the limit specified in the University, shall be determined by the Board of Directors. However, in case inadequate facilities, drug costs must be met by students in order to increase the rate of Rector, related organizations may take the necessary initiatives. On the payment of health care expenses not hesitate to meet the other, to decide at the end of the opinion of the Ministry of Health, the University Board of Directors is authorized.

Infectious Diseases
Article 10 - against infectious diseases, in order to protect public health students be given the necessary drugs free of charge.

Provisional Article 1 - University Medico-Social Center of the university until the establishment of the provincial / district centers, examination and treatment of students in the departments of public health institutions for delivery is addressed to the authorized person.

Effectiveness and Enforcement
Article 12 - This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of publication in the Official Gazette.
Article 13 - This Regulation shall be executed by the Rector of the University of Sirnak.



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