18 May 2012, Friday

Health, Culture and Sports Department, university students, the physical and mental health protection, ill treatment or problems in reflecting housing, eating, working, recreation and non-instructional time based on assessment of interests, the acquisition of new areas of interest in order to provide both health, and social improvement of the situation, to allow for the development of their talents and personalities of the provision of services in a healthy way, the students in the training of individuals who take care of mental and physical health, along with a regular and disciplined study habits, recreation and entertainment in order to gain Higher Education Law No. 2547, No. 2880 different 46 and 47 established pursuant to.

For this reason, Health, Culture and Sports Department, a health care provider for the entire sector that serves universities, students' social, cultural, counseling and guidance and sports training that meets the needs of a service unit and at the same time - in order to support teaching and research in this area where the application center for an application .

Structure and Functions of the circle;

- Students carry out all kinds of health services and health centers open.

- Students Will Do Fine Arts shows and sports fields and organize work, to make financial assistance in this regard

- Scholarships and loans, food, shelter, work, recreation, leisure time, have services that will help in the field of transportation.

- Psychological counseling and guidance services to universities, students work to solve personal and family problems

- Service area to do research and applications in the fields and make it deems necessary to publish studies.

- All these services are deemed necessary for the student canteen, open dormitories with a reading room, meeting, film and theater halls, sports halls and courts, to provide camp sites, these and other facilities, lease, operate, or by other organizations to ensure the operation. For this purpose, the university is working in collaboration with other units and organizations outside the university.


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