Mission & Vision


Ø  Provide appropriate training to strategic goals and the basic values of our country

Ø  Educating individuals equipped with skills being universal validity

Ø  It will be useful to stakeholders that will be contribute to science and produce information and technology can be used in the country and the world.

Ø  To organize activities that will contribute to economic, social, cultural and sportive development of the society and members of Vocational College.




Ø  Scientific studies, financial, economic, information and technology production,

Ø  Be respectable and lead that in Turkey and World about social, cultural, artistic and sporting events.

Ø  Preferred and sought of graduates, have the structure international qualified student and lecturer

Ø  To be lead vocational college that meets the needs of stakeholders with fast, quality and effective solutions.



Olumsuz Hava Şartlarına İlişkin Duy ...
13 February Thursday, 2020