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Child Development Program



Level of Program:Pre-undergraduate


Duration of the Program:2 Years

Objectives of the Program: The aim of the program is to develop an associate degree program to meet the need for education, health and counseling for children to live in a healthy environment. The aim of the program is to train qualified units for all units that provide services to the child, family and society in this field with a program that supports the development, education and care of disadvantaged children with normal development and special needs.


Program Outcomes:

To educate individuals who can interpret and evaluate data by using the basic knowledge and skills acquired in the field with sufficient background in education, health and care services, and develop solutions that can identify problems. A foreigner who is able to use the methods, technical services and technologies required for the applications related to his / her field effectively, produce solutions to unforeseen problems encountered in applications, take responsibility in working groups or have the ability to work individually, communicate effectively, tolerant, patient and follow the innovations in his field. to educate professional staff with knowledge of language. Also; universal, cultural values, professional ethics competence and awareness, individual and professional life-long learning and science and technology sectoral developments that follow and constantly renews itself, develops safety, health and environmental protection measures and knowledge, skills, competencies and consciousness to train individuals.


Child Development DGS

Graduates can also register to the programs of Child Development, Preschool Education, Special Education Education and Social Services with the vertical transfer exam (DGS) if they open the quota in their fields by taking advantage of the provisions of the Yönetmelik Regulation on the Attendance of Vocational Schools and Open Education Associate Degree Graduates to Undergraduate Education ’.


Employment Areas

Graduates of the Child Development program are private and official kindergartens, kindergartens, special education classes, rehabilitation centers affiliated to the Ministry of National Education; Kindergartens, kindergartens, day nurseries under the Ministry of Family and Social Policies; in the play rooms of children's clinics in hospitals; They may work in the penal institutions with the üzük Regulation on the Management of Penitentiary Institutions and the Conduct of Criminal and Security Measures ede published in the official newspaper dated June 21, 2017. Private kindergarten, day care center affiliated to the Ministry of Family and Social Policies; They have the authority to open private preschool institutions affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. They can also be employed in non-governmental organizations. In refugee centers where children are placed under state protection, in various projects that require social work, in international organizations such as Unicef ​​and volunteer aid organizations, they are responsible for the management, caregiver and so on. they can perform tasks.



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