Basic Learning Outcomes

1. To be able to understand the basic concepts of the science of logistics and to establish a relationship between Logistics Science and different disciplines
2. To know the basic logistics activities and to be able to know the basic legislation on these issues
3. To be able to comprehend the reasons of existence of logistics enterprises
4. To be able to follow the developments and policies of logistics activities today
5. To be able to know the documents used in the fields related to logistics
6. To be familiar with new marketing and sales techniques
7. Ability to follow and apply logistics-related legislation and to have basic knowledge of law
8. To be able to analyze complex problems in the field of logistics and to provide a multifaceted perspective on the problems
9. To have knowledge about supply chain management processes
10. To be able to interpret and evaluate the classical and current theories used in logistics and supply chain
11. To have basic knowledge about foreign trade and customs legislation
12. To have foreign language knowledge to direct foreign trade and logistics processes



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