Level of Qualification Awarded

Associate's Degree Programme in CHILD DEVELOPMENT (a short cycle programme  in QF-EHEA and  5th level programme in TYYÇ) is a vocationally/practically-oriented, short stream (cycle) programme, specifically designed for students to acquire the practical skills, and know-how needed for employment in a particular field of occupation or trade. The successful completion of the programme provides the graduates with a labour-market relevant qualification. CHILD DEVELOPMENT can be classified as regard to "ISCED (The International Standard Classification of Education) 2011" and "NQF-HETR (The Turkish Qualifications Framework for HE)" profiles (orientation) and fields of education as follows:


  • ISCED Field of Education: 72 - Health
  • ISCED Level: 5,  Orientation (Profile): 55, Subcategory: 554 - Vocationally-oriented "short cycle" degree.
  • NQF-HETR Field of Education: 72 - Health
  • NQF-HETR Profile of Education: Vocationally-oriented "short cycle" degree.


Associate's Degree Programme in CHILD DEVELOPMENT is  a 2-year programme with 120 ECTS Credits. The programme  meets the requirements, in terms of both ECTS credits and level descriptors, of the short cycle degree qualifications of the Overarching Framework of European Qualifications Framework HE(QF-EHEA) and  the 5th level qualifications of the Turkish Qualifications Framework for HE (TYYÇ, NQF-HETR), as well as the 5th level requirements of  the qualifications of the European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning (EQF-LLL) in terms of level descriptors.



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